Best of 10 at Big Sky 2013

by admin on August 21, 2013

Hello followers,

It has been a long time, we’re busy with other projects, we must confess (you can have a look at the Whackala site to see what we’re up to) but the Forty Foot bathers have still been collecting accolades.

Last February, Forty Foot was chosen to commemorate Big Sky Documentary Festival‘s 10th anniversary, as one of the best 10 short documentaries to be shown in the life of the festival.

To remember it, they commissioned designer and illustrator Josh Quick to make a limited edition poster representing the 10 films.

We received our own copy of the poster a while back and, now that we finally got round to 1) framing it nicely, 2) finding a pride of place for it on our wall, and 3) taking a picture of it, we can brag about it and show it off to you!

Nice, eh?

Thank you Big Sky! Thank you Josh Quick! We love it.

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